Since working as a dispatch rider in my teens, I became fascinated by how the quality of light changed throughout the day. My journey in cinematography has been a process of interrogating and understanding light, a discipline that fascinates me as much today as at the beginning of my career. 

I love helping a Director find beauty in the ordinary through the magic of atmosphere and light. The camera is an opportunity to search for a deeper truth than we see with our eyes. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work with almost all of the major brands, spanning beauty, fashion, food, comedy, and sports. 

A technician by heart, I’ve had a wealth of experience in product photography, high-speed, cranes, tracking vehicles, unusual camera rigs, VFX work, and more recently, Virtual Production. I’ve developed bespoke lighting technology with Academy-Award winning manufacturers such as Dedolight and Kinoflo. 

A passion of mine is helping disadvantaged filmmakers access the information that I wish I’d had at the beginning of my career. I run a thriving Instagram account called Set Notes, which pulls back the magician’s cloth on the hidden tricks of filmmaking, and have sold out talks on cinematography and the science of vision around the world. 

Throughout my career, I’ve been fascinated with doing more with less. I now own a micro virtual production studio near London Bridge, which harnesses the advances in generative AI and automated lighting systems to make high end cinematic work more streamlined and accessible than ever before